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How Aquilatec's IT Solutions Saved The Day

Many of our clients were indeed well prepared as they had heeded previous IT Support and services and had invested in Remote Desktop solutions, VoIP telephony and so on. For these customers, we just simply needed to make sure that all their staff were aware of how to access systems remotely – a simple guide that was sent out. They were ready to hit the ground running and there was no further concern.


Let the Specialists Take Care of IT, Outsource

A common misconception with IT leads everyone to believe it’s only one thing. Many people consider an IT problem like a car problem – take it to the mechanic, they’ll know how to fix it. IT is more like the human body than a car – if something goes wrong, you want a specialist to take care of the issue.


IT Drives Your Business - Do IT Well

IT is the lifeblood of any modern business.

It may not seem that way, but consider these pieces of food for thought:


Case Study: Ransomware Prevention & Restoration

Our client is an established architectural practice based in North London. 

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) members, this client specialises in modern, contemporary, domestic projects bringing high-end architectural design to local living.


Case Study: Bright A Blind

Bright A Blind started 25 years ago in London and then steadily spread throughout the South East and most of the UK, serving many of the biggest and most prestigious companies in the country. They work with facilities managers, contractors and refurbishment companies throughout the UK installing, maintaining, cleaning, replacing and repairing blinds of all types.


Apple iPad Pro: A New Business Standard

The iPhone 6+ was the perfect response to Samsung’s Galaxy note. It was certainly successful in cornering much of its market share. But how does the iPad Pro shape up in comparison to Microsoft’s Surface Pro? Do Apple mean business this time, or is it simply another tablet for messaging friends and watching videos on?


Cyber Essentials – Your IT MOT

You wouldn’t drive a car that had failed its MOT. You wouldn’t feel safe in a friend’s car if you it had failed. Cyber Essentials certification is the MOT for your IT. IT is exactly the same. Can you feel comfortable sending someone billing/bank information if you don’t know their systems are secure? Cyber Essentials shows a business cares enough about their IT to adhere to the safety recommendations made by the UK Government.

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Benefits of SaaS And The Hybrid Cloud

More and more companies are switching to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and Hybrid Cloud. That’s because of the huge number of benefits, especially where SMEs are concerned.

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AquilaTip: Archiving

With email now being the primary form of business communication, it’s no surprise that everyone has massive mailboxes. This can be a problem if you use Outlook as the more mail you have the slower it can get. Deleting mail is one option however often you might want to keep mail for longer periods, or perhaps indefinitely.

Archiving can reduce the strain on Outlook but you need to keep your mail safe should you wish to access it at a later date. The problem with local archives is that archive file resides on your local machine, so it can easily become lost or corrupted.

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