Apple iPad Pro: A New Business Standard

The iPhone 6+ was the perfect response to Samsung’s Galaxy note. It was certainly successful in cornering much of its market share. But how does the iPad Pro shape up in comparison to Microsoft’s Surface Pro? Do Apple mean business this time, or is it simply another tablet for messaging friends and watching videos on?

Put simply, the clue is in the name. Apple is aiming for high-end Pro business users with a tablet designed to be best used with a stylus and keyboard.

On first impressions, it’s hard not to notice the iPad Pro’s size. At 12.9 inches you might expect it to be heavy, although you couldn’t be further from the truth. The unit weighs just 710g, and looks very much like its predecessors – of course, the classics never go out of style.

Although it’s been out for a while, it’s almost as if iOS 9 was purpose-built for multitasking on the iPad Pro. Operating in split view is virtually like having two iPad Minis placed side by side. This is particularly useful for business applications – for example, reading emails while working on another project or browsing links, or better still, making use of Microsoft Office.

A tablet for business applications
The iPad Pro is perfect for administrative tasks on the go. Combined with Microsoft Office it’s a dream come true. Users can easily edit documents and check emails via a much more intuitive screen interface which allows for easier highlighting and manoeuvrability.

In Outlook, simply clicking on email attachments will open the corresponding program (for example, Excel for spreadsheets) and allow editing. Pressing back will drop the document back, ready for sending – this is truly a tablet which makes collaborative processes effortless.


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