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Providing trusted Outsourced IT Support Services built around your business needs. Whether you want to outsource all or part of your IT Department, our expert team provide efficient IT support to maximise your business productivity.

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Bespoke IT Plans for your Business

As IT support specialists in London, Aquilatec take the responsibility of your IT support seriously, ensuring that your systems are available, so you can keep your business running productively. Aquilatec’s friendly helpdesk team are at the heart of our business, meaning our customers are always taken care of. We’ve invested in our teams and systems so that you get the technical support you need and your network is monitored 24/7, allowing us to become aware of most IT issues in their infancy. This means our IT engineers can proactively resolve problems at the earliest opportunity, minimising any disruption. We're an IT solution provider that takes outsourced IT support seriously.


Managed IT Services

Fully managed IT support with the right attention to detail.

Aquilatec have made significant investment which enables us to provide the best possible monitoring of our clients’ IT systems. Our helpdesk team is alerted when thresholds are broken or if there’s any indication that something isn’t running correctly. Our IT support technician monitors everything from RAM usage and disk space to network bandwidth and security logs. We make sure our entire team of IT engineers are notified if your site goes offline so that technical issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

We also closely manage patching of your servers and desktops alike, so you know your systems are secure and up to date. Our helpdesk will even know if your Anti-Virus software becomes out of date. Our support technicians can monitor right down to individual memory sticks, fans or hard disks within a RAID array. Should we see an alert for a backup or hardware failure, we take action to make sure that we fix problems identified in order to prevent a single item failure leading to a full system outage.

Aquilatec’s specialist, managed IT support service provides detailed information giving you full confidence in your business systems. Are you confident that not just your servers but all your workstations and laptops are up to date? Contact us on 020 8342 5015 for more information on our Managed IT Services.


IT Maintenance and Support

Maintenance Support Tailored to your Business.

Aquilatec offer various levels of maintenance support contracts, which can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. When it comes to maintenance and support, the cloud is our most powerful weapon, and it’s not just our email and phone systems which are cloud based. Our helpdesk and monitoring system are hosted in the cloud too. These can all be accessed securely by our IT team from any remote internet-connected location, keeping us connected to our customers 24/7.

Our expert IT team is able to respond quickly and continue supporting our clients no matter where they are, without offering a compromised service. Using the right tools means we are always available to support your business and by using the same methods we can make your business just as robust as ours.

Why Choose an Aquilatec Maintenance Contract?

  • Equipment audits
  • Helpdesk with clear and measurable SLAs
  • Monthly IT reporting, detailing account activity
  • Pro-active approach to IT support
  • Advanced IT system monitoring and alerts
  • Automated IT repair features
  • Quick access to your data
  • Simplified use of your technology
  • Client portal for access to key documentation and help guides
  • IT disaster recovery plan and backup guide
  • Quarterly technology strategy meetings
  • Remote IT support
  • Specialist outsourced IT support

For more information on our IT maintenance and support service, contact our friendly helpdesk today on 020 3011 2340.


IT Setup, Design and Delivery

Aquilatec specialises in IT system design and delivery.

IIt’s important that you know what’s going on with your IT setup. Most businesses find they’re not kept in the loop when it comes to IT services. Aquilatec provides detailed documentation on all IT setups to help us make the right IT choices for your business.

Our highly qualified IT engineers and technicians have many years of experience in designing IT systems that are both robust and reliable. Aquilatec provides productive working platforms for users which can scale with the demands of your business, be these on premise or (increasingly) cloud based. We constantly refine what we do to make sure it provides innovation and simplicity.

Our IT specialists can design your upgrades, add-ons and migrations, or even start from a blank page.

Whether we’re delivering all or just part of a solution, we’re happy to manage your IT project from start to finish and we frequently work with third parties appointed by our clients, such as software developers, architects, electricians and other contractors.


IT Helpdesk Support

Our goal is that you’ll never need to talk about IT gone wrong.

Aquilatec is committed to ensuring that our IT helpdesk support is tailored to the needs of our clients, offering maximum benefit in a cost-effective way. We ask for feedback on each and every ticket and use this to constantly improve our service delivery. Each month, our clients receive a report from our IT helpdesk support showing exactly what we’ve been doing to maintain their IT systems and provide outsourced IT support. This includes response times for all cases.

Want help with your business IT?

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