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IT Helpdesk Services for SMEs in London and Surrounding Counties

Aquilatec is committed to ensuring that our IT Helpdesk support is tailored to the needs of our clients, offering maximum benefits in a cost-effective way. We ask for feedback on each and every ticket and use this information we receive to constantly improve our service delivery. Each month, our clients receive a report from our IT Helpdesk support showing exactly what we’ve been doing to maintain their IT systems and provide outsourced IT support. This includes response times for all cases.


What Does an IT Helpdesk Service Do?

Our IT Helpdesk service is a critical component of our IT support, offering a front- line response to our clients’ questions and issues. The goal of our IT Helpdesk is to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. At Aquilatec, our Helpdesk service includes a ticketing system for tracking and resolving user requests and a team of skilled IT technicians who are available to provide assistance via phone or email. In addition, our IT Helpdesk service includes remote support tools that allow technicians to remotely access users' computers in order to troubleshoot problems. By offering a comprehensive range of support services, our IT Helpdesk plays a vital role in ensuring that businesses can keep their IT systems up and running smoothly

We use remote monitoring and management tools to proactively maintain every system that we support. This allows us to ensure that everything is kept up to date, as well as spot and resolve potential issues before they become real problems. Our tools provide a degree of automation, meaning backups are always checked, antivirus software is kept up to date, patches are regularly applied and hardware faults are predicted or picked up swiftly. Any exceptions are automatically brought to the attention of our helpdesk team, allowing us to immediately begin fixing any problems while our customers get on with their wor


What are the Benefits of an IT Helpdesk Support Service?

An IT Helpdesk support service can provide a number of benefits for businesses, including improved productivity, reduced downtime and increased customer satisfaction. By having a dedicated team of IT professionals available to help employees with technical issues, businesses can avoid the costly and time- consuming process of troubleshooting problems on their own. In addition, our IT Helpdesk can help to identify and resolve potential issues before they cause significant disruptions. By proactively addressing potential problems, businesses can minimise the impact of IT issues on their operations.

What Services Does an IT Helpdesk Provide?

Our IT Helpdesk service covers a wide range of day-to-day IT issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • 24/7 Monitoring for preventative maintenance
  • Contractual SLAs
  • Unlimited remote maintenance
  • Managed Anti-Virus & Online Back-Up included as standard

Get In Touch

Want to hear more about our IT Helpdesk services and how we can help your business? Get in touch with our London helpdesk team on 020 8342 5015 for more information.

IT Support is Aquilatec’s overall offering, which includes strategic support to help our clients make the right decisions with all matters tech. We are your outsourced IT Department providing the skillset needed as well as selection of key services so you can concentrate on your business offering.
Our Helpdesk is at the centre of how we look after our clients, it's the hub of most interactions. Usually the first point of contact, our team is here to take care of your IT, clients contact us via email or phone, their they are then directed to the right person to assist.
Our Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday 9a, to 6pm as standard. However, we do over wrap around support if required.
We have different SLAs depending on the support case that has been logged, i.e. for a large-scale outage that affects multiple users we aim to respond within the hour. However, in most cases we respond well before our SLAs require.