Managed IT Services

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Fully Managed IT Support for SMEs

At Aquilatec, we understand that SMEs have limited resources and often lack the in-house expertise to effectively manage their IT systems. That's why we offer comprehensive managed IT support services tailored to the specific needs of SMEs throughout London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties. We can provide everything from server and network support to data backup, recovery and disaster recovery, helping to keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently. In addition, our team of certified IT professionals is always on hand to provide expert advice and assistance when needed. With Aquilatec, you can be confident that your business's IT needs are in safe hands.


Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without having to stress over your IT systems. However, with the ever-growing dependence on technology, managing your IT systems has become essential. This is where Aquilatec’s Managed IT services come in. By entrusting your IT systems to our team of experts, you can free up your time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business. In addition, Aquilatec’s Managed IT services can help improve your system's performance and security while also reducing costs. As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, managed IT services will only become more essential. So why wait? Contact our IT experts today for more information about how we can help.


Why Use Aquilatec's Managed IT Services?

We have the capability to provide the best possible monitoring of our clients’ IT systems. Our Helpdesk team is alerted when thresholds are broken or if there’s any indication that something isn’t running correctly. Our IT support technicians monitor everything from RAM usage and disk space to network bandwidth and security logs. We make sure our entire team of IT engineers are notified if your site goes offline so that technical issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

We also closely manage patching of your servers and desktops alike, so you know your systems are secure and up to date. Our Helpdesk will even know if your anti-virus software becomes out of date. Our support technicians can monitor every aspect of your IT systems right down to individual memory sticks, fans or hard disks within a RAID array. Should we see a backup or hardware failure, we immediately take action to make sure that we fix problems identified in order to prevent a single item failure leading to a full system outage.

We strive to be an extension of your current IT team by providing additional capabilities and capacity. We are happy to provide support wherever and however needed, allowing your exisiting IT personnel to have extra time to complete their jobs and grow.


What are the Main Benefits of Managed IT Services?

By outsourcing this responsibility to a specialist provider like Aquilatec, businesses can enjoy a number of significant benefits, including affordable pricing, access to IT specialists, fast response times, disaster recovery procedures and help with adapting to new technologies. In addition, our Managed IT support can help to free up internal resources, allowing businesses to focus on the important things: their services. As a result, it is no surprise that our Managed IT services have become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes in recent years.

What Managed IT Services Do You Provide?

Aquilatec provides Managed IT services that keep your business running smoothly. We take care of all your IT needs, from setting up and maintaining your network to providing technical support. We also offer disaster recovery and business continuity planning to keep your business up and running in the event of a disaster. Our Managed IT services include:

  • IT support
  • IT consultancy
  • Data backup
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Digital transformation services
  • Cloud technology solutions
  • Business continuity
  • Cyber security
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Managed licensing services
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Get in Touch

Our specialist, Managed IT support services provide detailed information, giving you full trust in your business systems. Are you confident that not just your servers but all your workstations and laptops are up to date? Contact us on 020 8342 5015, or more information about our Managed IT services.